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Experiences from another dimension

Visit a magically beautiful festival environment, get to know new people from all over the world, see artist performances with your friends and hang out at the campsite – everything from your living room!

Music + gaming = new opportunities

New needs and ideas are born from the corona crisis. Our project is one example!
Festival Planet is a virtual and social platform for online festivals and cultural events. It is still a prototype under development. Follow our team of game developers, festival organizers, 3D-artists, and sound designers as we explore new dimensions of cultural meeting places.

The initiator of the platform is the festival and sustainability agency LiveGreen in collaboration with students from Blekinge Institute of Technology and Mana Brigade.

Development team

Erik Tunhult (sound), Isac Estemyr (development), Johan Fredrik Karén (development), Elisabet Sarsenov (3D-animation) och Benjamin Löfberg (sound)

Partners & Sponsors

Do you want to go to Betatestival?

We are always looking for new testers and hold show-cases for companies and organizations that want to explore new ways of experiencing culture and music. Fill in the form and we will get back to you with more info and time suggestions!


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